When you need assistance, Extend A Hand can be there for you or your loved
one, to reduce risk of falling and to remain independent. This USA
manufactured and patented assistance grab-bar provides greater assistive
power for the home consumer exceeding all conventional grab bar rewards.

Extend A Hand provides greater all-around safety. You can obtain a two-hand
grasp to pull or lower yourself. Conventional grab bars are limited to one side
and are too shallow to offer safety and stability. Every Extend A Hand comes with
large release buttons to allow you to fold the extension bar out of the way when
not needed. This exposes a conventional grab bar built into every Extend A Hand.

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Extend-a-Hand Options

We charge a flat fee of $25 for each shipment

11" x 12" - Stainless Steel



11" x 12" - White



16" x 12" - Stainless Steel



16" x 12" - White



24" x 12" - Stainless Steel



24" x 12" - White



32" x 12" - Stainless Steel



32" x 12" - White